SLC Library Technology Teacher Stories

    Library Learning Centers

    The mission of the Library Learning Center is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information. A strong Library Learning Center program, administered by a certified Library Technology Teacher, positively impacts student achievement. The Library Technology Teacher is a certified teacher, instructional partner, information specialist and program coordinator.

    • As a certified teacher, the Library Technology Teacher collaborates with members of the learning community to analyze learning and information needs, to locate and use resources that will meet those needs, and to understand and communicate the information the resources provide.
    • As instructional partner and member of the educational team, the Library Technology Teacher promotes and models curriculum development and effective, collaborative teaching.
    • As information specialist, the Library Technology Teacher provides leadership and expertise in acquiring and evaluating information resources in all formats.
    • As program coordinator, the Library Technology Teacher works collaboratively with members of thelearning community to define the policies of thelearning community to define the policies of the library media program and to guide and direct all the activities related to it.

    Qualifications: Utah Teaching Certificate and either a MLS degree (or equivalent degree) or the Library Media Endorsement.

    Mission Statement taken from: American Association of School Librarians. Information Power:; Building Partnerships for Learning. Chicago and London: American Library Association, 1998.


    Supervisor:Julie Atwood - 801.578.8391

    Administrative Assistant:Elaine Villarruel - 801.578.8282